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Doda (38) prepares an amazing creation for each concert. She likes to shine in the spotlight, but what she showed in her last performance is really impressive! The singer went on stage in panties … The audience went crazy.

Dorota likes to shock. For two weeks, Polsat viewers have been able to follow the singer’s dating strangers. All as part of the TV experiment in the program “Doda. 12 steps to love”. Doda analyzes each meeting with a psychologist. The show is certainly a real treat for her fans, because they have the opportunity to see their idol in more private situations. However, Dorota also likes to attract attention during her concerts. In the last one, she paraded around the stage in a creation that did not cover much …

Doda went on stage in panties

September 10 there was a concert called Wielkie Granie at the PGE Narodowy. Nearly 1,000 musicians appeared on the stage, including the greatest stars of the stage, such as Janusz Panasewicz, Jan Borysewicz and Urszula. Doda was among them and she sang the song “Sweet Child O ‘Mine” by Guns N’ Roses. However, not only the singer’s vocals caused a great stir among the audience, but most of all her outfit. Doda put on a shimmering mesh jumpsuit, under which there were only deeply cut panties, a top and a short tank top. It’s a really bold creation that you can see in the gallery below:

The singer was delighted with her outfit, which she also shared on her Instagram profile. She posted a video showing him heading to the stage and added offensive text:

“At work, how are your work clothes? 😅”


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