Doda returns to television. The end of the ban on TVP after the dismissal of Joanna Kurska?

Doda returns to television.  The end of the ban on TVP after the dismissal of Joanna Kurska?

Doda returns to television. The end of the ban on TVP after the dismissal of Joanna Kurska?

Doda for years she could not appear on the air of the two largest television stations in Poland. Conflict with Agnieszka Woźniak-Starak made her get a ban in TVN-ie. Soon, she also stopped appearing in the programs Polish Televisionand had to make that decision on her own Joanna Kursk. The ex-president’s wife, apparently did not like the singer. After Kursk was released fromBreakfast Questions” people began to wonder if Doda would return to the favor of the authorities TVP.

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Is Telewizja Polska afraid of working with Doda? “He’s an unpredictable person”

The singer still does not know what caused his wife’s reluctance Jacek Kurski to her person. At one time, Doda was even supposed to call Joanna Kurska, but she dropped the phone.

I had a really cool flight with President Kurski. He came to me in Opole, gave me some kind of award. I saw his wife at the premiere of the movie “Cursed”, we had a nice conversation. There was an idea to do a concert. Suddenly, they completely freaked out. Some paranoia, ban, ban, throwing me out of TVP. Producers invite me to various programs, and at the last minute they get a call from above that absolutely not. By what right? I pay taxes to this station. I want to perform well, and someone spoils it because of their imaginary animosities – she said in an interview with Gossip.

According to Plejada’s informants, the dismissal of Joanna Kurska does not mean an imminent return to cooperation between TVP and the singer.

They don’t want Doda because it doesn’t fit the concept. It’s too expressive. He’s a bit of an unpredictable person – a person working in Telewizja Polska was to say, adding that it would be difficult to find a station program consistent with the media image of Rabczewska.

Doda reacts to rumors and announces his return to TVP

Contrary to the assurances of the Plejada informant, it turns out that nothing is difficult for those who want it, and Doda will soon appear in one of the programs of Polish Television. The singer took the floor and referred to the words of an employee of the public broadcaster.

I don’t believe the person who was going to say that wouldn’t have known that in ten days I am a participant in one of the TVP programs – said Rabczewska on Instagram.

The star emphasized that she got used to the fact that there are a lot of envious people in show business who wish her badly. So it seems that the rumors about the continuation of her ban on Telewizja Polska did not surprise her at all.

Getting along with the TVP authorities is very convenient for Doda. It is not known whether her close cooperation with Polsat will not end with the assumption of the position of program director by Edward Miszczak. For years, he was associated with the TVN station, on which Doda did not appear for a very long time.



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