Doda by bike with Dariusz Pachut. She was seeing him in May!

Doda by bike with Dariusz Pachut. She was seeing him in May!

The program “Doda. 12 steps to love” has come to an end. At its end, which was recorded a few days ago, the singer announced a new boyfriend. She did not find it in the program, and gave a chance to someone she was supposed to know longer than the Polsat production participants, whom she met at the turn of June and July. “We know each other before, but the feeling between us was born after the program and it gave me a lot to think about, how this program changed a lot for me. He closed various flaps in my head, opened completely new ones. He gave me space for the birth of a completely new kind of relationship and that’s why I do not regret participating in this reality, “Doda said, but she did not reveal who her new lover is.

Meanwhile, even before the recordings for the reality show “Doda. 12 steps to love”, Fakt caught the singer on a bicycle ride with the handsome Dariusz Pachut. As you can see in our photos, the star wanted to make a good impression and even during physical activity she did not give up on displaying sex appeal. During a trip with an athletic friend, she shone with a deep neckline and exposed legs.

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