Do you have a 10 zloty bill? You can become rich. Check its serial number!

Do you have a 10 zloty bill?  You can become rich.  Check its serial number!

Do you have a 10 zloty bill? You can become rich. Check its serial number!

Progressive inflation makes our money lose its value. Still, it may turn out that even less worth 10 zloty notes are… extremely valuable. This applies to specific features of the banknote that make collectors eager to get them! How much can you get for them and why are they so valuable?


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There is no doubt that numismatics is one of those hobbies that has survived even the times of technological revolution. In many cases, the form of what is collected has changed (digital collections are increasingly being created). Still, nothing can replace the rare banknotes that have their tangible form. Among them, there are 10 zloty banknotes, whose value, contrary to appearances, may be significantly higher than what the denomination indicates!

Let’s start with what attracts the attention of collectors in particular. For them, it is particularly important that the banknote has clear, unusual features that will make everyone immediately recognize such a banknote as unique and valuable. Among what collectors are looking for, you can find specific strings of numbers and symbols that make up the series and number of the banknote. The more it resembles an intentional creation rather than a random set of signs, the greater its value. How does it look like in the examples?

Among the most valuable banknotes are those that were issued first. We are talking about the AA series of 10-zloty banknotes. In addition to them, the final series, i.e. YA and ZA, certainly cannot complain about high popularity. BB combinations are equally valuable. In the case of serial numbers, the most valuable are strings of digits, e.g. 1234567 or 8765432. Slightly cheaper, but still valuable are serial numbers like 1234321, 1134311 or other similarly mirrored. For such banknotes, he can get even several hundred zlotys (record holders got even several thousand)!


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