Disturbing reports from Belarus. Onet journalist explains

– In fact, more and more is said about Belarus. From the very beginning, Belarus was used as a bogeyman. At this point, the war front itself is approx. 1,200 km long. Russia is very convenient for Ukraine to have to secure additional tracts of land – Nadniestra, Belarus, part of the border with Russia, where nothing is happening, but can happen – explained Wyrwal.

Onet’s correspondent said that “relations between Ukraine and Belarus on the political level are getting worse and worse”. – Yesterday the Ministry of Education of Ukraine finally stated that all Russian and Belarusian authors are being thrown out of the curriculum, only Gogol and Bulgakov, who had positive relations with Ukraine, remained – said Wyrwal.

The war in Ukraine. Latest information

Let us remind you Wednesday is the 175th day of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. In the morning, Russian troops launched a missile attack on the Kharkiv region in the northeast of the country. More than five missiles were fired from Belgorod, Russia. In addition, at least three people were injured after a Russian missile attack in the Odessa Oblast in southern Ukraine. Russian rockets hit the resort, causing damage and fire. In addition, the Russians once again fired on the area where the Zaporizhia Nuclear Power Plant is located.

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