did princesses Eugenia and Beatrice miss the funeral earlier?

The funeral of Elizabeth II took place on Monday, September 19. The biggest event of recent years, which according to estimates could be followed by up to 4 billion people around the world, was prepared in tip-top. There was no room for mishaps in the Queen’s last farewell.

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Funeral of Elizabeth II. The queen’s grandson left during the mass?

But, as Internet users point out, it was not without them. Observant observers at the end of the funeral ceremonies at Westminster Abbey noticed that two people, and those close to the heart of the British monarch, had left the temple earlier, even before the coffin with the body of Elizabeth II was removed from it. We are talking about the queen’s granddaughters, princesses Eugenia and Beatrice.

During the live broadcast, the princesses were seen leaving their church pews as the funeral mass was almost over. According to many, it was far too early for that. Together with Beatrice and Eugenia, their mother, Sarah Ferguson, rose to leave, but the Duchess eventually stayed where she was, as if someone had told her not to leave.

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