Diaz should thank God he didn’t fight me today, I would kill him – Khamzat Chimaev

Khamzat Chimaev spoke about Nate Diaz’s fight with Tony Ferguson and how the fight with the younger Diaz brothers would have fared had it not been for the weight-making problems that excluded him from the fight of the UFC 279 evening.

Chimaev was originally scheduled to face Nat Diaz of the night at UFC 279, but the fight card was modified because “Borz” heavily exceeded the welterweight category limit during the weigh-in. As a result, the ‘Borz’ was matched with Kevin Holland weighing up to 180 pounds.

Chimaev at the post-UFC 279 press conference, when asked if he had a chance to fight for the welterweight belt, did not hide that he was the main candidate and added that Nate Diaz should thank God for the fact that there was no fight because he would not come out of the octagon alive:

“Who else are they going to give a fight for the belt? Who is next? They all lost, ”he said. “Colby has lost two or three times in a row. Masvidal was losing when was his last win? Against Diaz. Did you see Diaz fight today? It looked tragic. “

I don’t know how such players think they can beat me. Kevin Holland is a tough guy, he is much stronger and much better than Diaz, ”said Chimaev. “If Diaz had fought him, Holland would have killed him. I easily finished this guy in the first round. So Diaz should thank God he didn’t fight me today …

When asked if he regretted that he would not meet Diaz, he said:

“If I had fought with him, I would have killed him and put him in jail, so maybe I should be happy with how it turned out.”

Chimaev also criticized both contestants in the gala’s most important fight, saying that he was not impressed with the form of Diaz and Ferguson in the octagon:

“Have you seen the real fight? Did you see how tired they were? Have you seen their kicks? How did they hit? What were their stocks, what was their grappling? These guys are old now, ”said Chimaev. “I’m young, I’m a killer … Everybody want to watch my fights, Fans want to watch killers in a cage, not smokers of that shit and drug dealers …”

Chimaev spoke much more positively at the press conference about Saturday’s opponent, Kevin Holland, whom he even invited to train together in Sweden:

“He’s a nice guy actually, so I like him. Sometimes we don’t like each other before a fight and that is normal because we go to war to kill ourselves. Now that the war is over, he can come to our club, train with us, and be one of us. “

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