Diablo 4 is a matter of months. Reports on the release date

Diablo 4 is a matter of months. Reports on the release date

When are we gonna play Diablo 4? The release date is shrouded in mystery, but the web is full of behind-the-scenes information. A well-known industry insider claims to know when Blizzard will come to the market with a new installment of the series.

Blizzard shares information on a fairly regular and systematic basis Diablo 4. However, the most important issue from the players’ point of view – the specific release date – is still covered by a veil of silence. Blizzard is known to be aiming for 2023 without indicating a specific date. It sheds new light on the whole matter Jez Cordenjournalist and industry insider.

Jez Corden boasts he can pinpoint a release date based on “proven sources”. According to these reports, Diablo 4 is about to debut in April 2023, and we will wait (most likely) for confirmation of this information by December 8. Why? Because it is then that this year’s The Game Awards gala will be held, in which official information about Diablo 4.

Let’s stay a moment on the leaks topic; Diablo 4 is already “flying” on the web, specifically this game recordwhich can be viewed from cover to cover take several hours. Some players are afraid that the new installment of the cycle will cultivate microtransaction traditions, so well-known from Diablo Immortal. The creators of the game calm down – Diablo 4 is supposed to be free from pay-to-win.

Sebastian Barysz, journalist of Polygamy

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