Diablo 2 with an extraordinary feat. The player has completed the Hell Run without dealing any damage

The Diablo 2 community comes up with another surprising challenge, but MacroBioBoi has managed to accomplish a “pacifist Hell rune” that was previously considered impossible. The player completed the game without dealing damage directly.

Until a few months ago, it was purely a theory, but in fact, MacroBioBoi did a unique job – he completed Diablo 2 on the most difficult level of difficulty with many different variants invented by the community.

The player could not attack demons, use attack spells, traps, hire mercenaries to cooperate, or take items from other players. The only damage it dealt came from items with a “chance to cast a spell” – when an opponent was attacking MacroBioBoi, he could “give back” to him with an automatic spell.

MacroBioBoi spent over 50 hours on the game to be able to do his job, but it’s worth noting that he has been working on Diablo 2 for years and is already thinking about new challenges. The player also plans to play Diablo 4 to face new and varied missions.

On the presented material, MacroBioBoi shows how thoroughly he was preparing for the task – in this case he had to obtain a number of items thanks to which he could complete the challenge.

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