Devastating predictions for “White-Reds”! The chances are slim

Devastating predictions for “White-Reds”!  The chances are slim

Devastating predictions for “White-Reds”! The chances are slim

Favorite for first place in “Polish” group C is Argentina. No wonder – Leo Messi and company are serious candidates to win the entire event. In theory, the team has to fight for the second place Czeslaw Michniewicz and Mexicowhile Saudi Arabia puts himself in the role of an outsider. If the history of the last performances in the World Cup were to decide – the Poles could already be packing, because their first rivals have come out of the group at each of the last seven World Cups. Fortunately, the field will decide everything.

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They don’t give us much of a chance

The last days before the championships are naturally a time when there are many forecasts and estimates regarding the chances of individual teams. Specialists from Gracenote also tried to do this, and after carrying out… million simulations presented the chances of individual teams to reach the next phases of the tournament. There is no good news for fans of “White-Reds”.

According to the analysis, our team has only 39% chance to advance to the 1/8 finals. Mexico’s chances are assessed much higher (49%), while Argentina boasts as much as 89%, which is the highest result among all participants of the World Cup.

What is the prospect of our team’s participation in the next phases of the tournament? The odds for the quarter-final are 15%, the semi-final – 7, and the final – 2. We have barely 1% chance for the title, although it may be a consolation that this is not the lowest value among all participants – at the same level are, among others, Wales, Qatar or South Korea, and they have lower ratings Ghana, Cameroon or Saudi Arabia.

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