Destruction of the Nord Stream. Vladimir Putin points to the alleged perpetrators

– Sanctions are not enough for the Anglo-Saxons, they went into sabotage, or actually began to destroy pan-European infrastructure – he said. – The USA wants to deceive or blackmail everyone, they lie like Goebbels – Putin continued.

– Western hegemony will be broken. It is unavoidable. We have to do it for our nation, great historic Russia, he added.

On Monday, the Nord Stream pipelines from Russia to Germany were interrupted in three places in the vicinity of the Danish island of Bornholm. Danish authorities said the cause was deliberate action, and explosions had occurred near the pipelines.

The Russian Navy is known for its ability to operate on the seabed, so it would be able to sabotage the Nord Stream pipelines – the Daily Telegraph reported on Wednesday. The newspaper noted that the attack could have been carried out, for example, by small, fired remote explosives left at sea many months ago.

An explosive charge that would break the pipelineit wouldn’t have to be very big. Modern sea mines can also be detonated in response to a pre-programmed acoustic signature. The cargo could therefore wait months for a signal from a nearby – but still quite far from the blast – a “friendly” unit or an electronic device dropped from the plane “- the newspaper wrote.

“Three small charges may have been placed 70 meters under the water, near the pipelines a few months ago, maybe when the world’s attention was focused on the events around the Zaporizhia Nuclear Power Plant or the atrocities discovered in Buk. Maybe it happened when we watched the Winter Olympics in China? ” The journal speculated.

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