Despite a painful injury, Queen Kamila does not leave her husband. “Has been struggling with pain for weeks”

  1. Queen Kamila is 75 years old and – like the deceased Elizabeth II – has not struggled with any serious health problems (or at least little is known about them)

  2. The wife of Charles III, however, is very physically active: she walks a lot and dances ballet every day

  3. It was during one of the ballet sessions that she once injured her back

  4. The current injury concerns the foot – Kamila is struggling with a finger fracture. It is not known whether the new injury is also related to the dance

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Queen consort with fracture

Members of the royal family have been under constant media surveillance for over a week. Journalists did not miss the fact that the consort queen is struggling with an injury – broken toe. As reported by, The incident happened about two weeks ago. Since then, Kamila has been trying to heal the injury, but to no avail.

This is probably due to the fact that the wife of the new British king does not allow herself to rest. Kamila participates in almost all official services for the deceased queen, as well as in the visits that – as the new ruler – is paid throughout the country by her husband, Karol.

The queen does not use any additional privileges. Attention was drawn to the fact that during the service in Westminster Hall, which preceded the opening of this place for people who wanted to pay tribute to Elizabeth II, Kamila prayed while standing. Interestingly, however, she no longer took part in the procession attended by the royal family.

“It’s a terrible time, but she struggles to keep a broken toe from getting in the way of her duties and does what she has to do for the king, family and country,” said a close friend of the royal family who was quoted by the website.

Who is Charles III’s wife?

Camilla Parker Bowles is the wife of King Charles III. Until recently, she was called the Duchess of Cornwall. During the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the reign of Elizabeth II on the British throne, the Queen expressed her wish that, after her death, Kamila would be called Queen Consort (the title given to the wife of the ruling ruler).

The Queen of the Consort has never been a favorite member of the royal family, despite the fact that she has been married to Charles for 17 years. All thanks to the romance with the king, which lasted from the beginning of their relationship and the unsuccessful marriages of both of them (Kamila with Andrew Parker Bowles, Karol with Diana Spencer).

In recent years, the royal couple have worked diligently to improve the image of Kamila, which was certainly helped by her commitment to promoting a healthy lifestyle: a balanced diet, physical activity and prevention. In the latter category, the queen of the consort placed the emphasis on the disease with which her mother and grandmother were struggling – osteoporosis.

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