Dereszowska added an intimate photo with her son. “There is magic in it”

Emotions around breastfeeding tend to be high. Some are outraged by public breastfeeding, others are devastated that mother does not breastfeed or does not breastfeed too short – this is how Anna Derszowska, mother of three, began her post on Instagram. Later in the post, she referred to her lactation experience.

For each child, breastfeeding was different for me. From tears of pain to tears of emotion. Thanks to these experiences, I am far from judging any choice of another mother. I know the stress that comes from fear and concern for the baby, and I know the uncertainty as to whether I am doing everything right.

– I do know that I am doing the best I can. And you too – the actress summed up the topic.

The post was accompanied by a cute photo with a little son.

Of course, the topic raised by Dereszowska was mainly commented on by mums. Women share their experiences.

My son is currently almost 2.5 years old and I hear very often: and you still feed him, who will you raise “.

The worst is lactoterror and the golden advice: “because you must”.

Yes, more than once or twice. I’ve heard a lot, are you still feeding ?! And I just finished my milky way: 2 years and five months.

27 years ago I breastfed my daughter wherever I could, I did not care at all about looks or comments. She was the most important.

The sight of a nursing mother always touches me, there is magic in it! The remark I heard … Hmm for sure … Why am I feeding so long? Milk is worthless and so on. I have been feeding beautiful three years and four months.

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