Depeche Mode. A photo from a recording studio, the first one since Andy Fletcher’s death

Musicians of the Depeche Mode group shared a photo from the recording studio on social media. “Finding stability in what we know and love, and focus on what gives life meaning and purpose,” wrote a post on Instagram. In May of this year, band member Andy “Fletch” Fletcher passed away.

“Finding stability in what we know and love and focus on what gives meaning and purpose to life,” wrote under a photo shared on social media. You can see Depeche Mode musicians Martin Gore and David Gahan in the recording studio.

The death of Andy “Fletch” Fletcher

The photo appeared on social media nearly three months after the death of band member Andy “Fletch” Fletcher. On June 26, a month after the artist’s death, an extensive entry appeared on the Depeche Mode band’s profile. “A few weeks ago, we received the results of the autopsy,” wrote the musicians on Instagram. They reported that they were making this information available at the request of the deceased’s family. The cause of Andy Fletcher’s death was the dissection of the aortic (main artery) aneurysm. “Although he passed away much, much too early, he did so naturally, without prolonged suffering” – it was written in the entry.

The Depeche Mode musicians also returned to the moments when the information about the death of “Fletch” circulated around the world. “It was amazing to see your photos, read your words, see how much Andy meant to all of you. You can imagine how strange and sad the last few weeks have been for us. We felt confused,” they wrote. They also thanked the fans for the “love and support” they and Andy Fletcher’s family received.

The artists also recalled a friend’s funeral where his family and friends had gathered. “There were a few tears, but also beautiful memories and stories that caused laughter,” they commented.

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