Debts of seniors – how indebted are pensioners in Poland? Data from June 2022

Retirees’ debts exceed PLN 10 billion. The record holder is a 66-year-old from the Lublin region, who has PLN 77.5 million to settle – we learn from the BIG InfoMonitor Debtors Register. On average, there is almost PLN 27,000 in arrears per senior.

In June, there were almost 386,000 in the BIG InfoMonitor Debtors Register and the BIK credit information database. unreliable payers after the age of 65, and their debt amounted to almost PLN 10.4 billion. These debts increase and concern more people. A year ago, 384.5 thous. of seniors were in arrears with payments of PLN 10.2 billion. In turn, in March 2020, the sum of overdue liabilities of 373.3 thousand. retirees did not exceed PLN 9.3 billion.

Debts of seniors

Although payments are not more often made by women, men have higher debts. There are 194,285 women in the BIG InfoMonitor Register of Debtors (with PLN 4.6 billion in arrears) and 191 291 men (with arrears – PLN 5.8 billion) over 65 years. Credit arrears prevail in the liabilities of both sexes.

The most indebted in this age category are the inhabitants of the voivodeship Masovian. In total, they have almost PLN 2 billion in outstanding payments. The next places are occupied by persons registered in the following voivodships: Śląskie (PLN 1.5 billion) and Dolnośląskie (PLN 898.5 million). The least unpaid debts have, however, people from the province. Podlasie (163 million PLN).

The record holder in terms of unpaid liabilities comes from the Lublin region. The man is in arrears with banks and financial institutions for over PLN 77.5 million.

“Galloping inflation and high prices have made this situation worse”

– Older people have to tighten their belts and save more than ever before – assessed the president of BIG InfoMonitor, Sławomir Grzelczak.

He added that in this age group over 80 percent. of respondents manage their food so as not to waste even a single zloty. – Most of the asked retirees do not allow themselves a bit of spontaneity and only do grocery shopping carefully. They have also reduced their entertainment expenses, and they are not planning any trips this year – he noted.

BIG InfoMonitor expert Halina Kochalska said in an interview with PAP that the financial situation of people over 65 “looks terrible compared to other age categories”. – Only two groups increased their arrears and the number of debtors from March 2020 to June 2022, and apart from 45-54-year-olds, these are retirees – she explained. She recalled that “their wallets were severely depleted during the pandemic, and galloping inflation and prices have made the situation worse. “

According to BIG InfoMonitor, the greatest expenses of retirees (after paying bills and food) are related to the purchase of drugs (61% of the surveyed women and 63% – men). In turn, for 36 percent. female respondents and 44 percent of the respondents, the most important expenses are fuel and public transport tickets.

“Now retirees face a dilemma”

As assessed by Grzelczak, the reasons for the growing indebtedness of retirees – apart from a significant increase in prices – can be seen in the fact that “they usually have smaller budgets at their disposal, and the share of basic expenses is more significant”. – They are also happy to help their relatives financially, but it also happens that they, for example, at the urging of their relatives, buy something for the family in installments, and then the children or grandchildren do not pay these liabilities and the grandparents are left with debts – he added. The survey shows that every sixth pensioner indicates attractions or gifts for his children among his greatest expenses.

The head of BIG InfoMonitor recalled that during the pandemic, access to medical services was difficult, and this translated into the need to use paid solutions, which at the same time began to become significantly more expensive. – Now retirees are faced with the dilemma of whether to take care of their health or to settle their current bills. Unfortunately, the data collected in the BIG InfoMonitor Debtors Register shows that the repayment of liabilities often has to wait – noted Grzelczak. He added that the statistics related to debt are influenced by the fact that the society is aging and the number of seniors is growing every year.

The Quality Watch study was commissioned by BIG InfoMonitor on June 3-6, 2022, using the CAWI method among 1,055 Poles aged 18+, on a representative sample in terms of age, gender and size of the place of residence.

Other companies

There is no central register of debtors in Poland.

The InfoMonitor Economic Information Bureau (BIG InfoMonitor) collects economic information about the outstanding debt of individuals and companies. Collecting and sharing data on the financial situation of consumers and enterprises is also handled by, among others, the National Debt Register, Economic Information Bureau.

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