Deadpool 3 in details? Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman troll fans

Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman decided to answer many questions from fans. The actors posted a lot of stuff that … In the end, it doesn’t say much. Nevertheless, we received one very important detail.

In the morning, we informed our community about a great announcement – we got to know the release date of Deadpool 3 and Hugh Jackman will appear in production. This situation raised a whole bunch of questions about the ending of “Logan” and the location of the events of the new production with Ryan Reynolds in the lead role, so the actors decided to record additional material.

On the couch, we see Reynolds and Jackman trying to explain the timeline, talking about Logan himself, mentioning the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but … We don’t hear any particulars. He is a typical Ryan’s play, but as you can see his friend X-Men feels very comfortable in such a convention.

However, I have the impression that at the very beginning Ryan highlights an important detail – “Logan” takes place in 2029, which suggests that the action of “Deadpool 3” will take place before this story. The authors are thus free to approach the characters.

At the end, there are even a few pics that confirm that Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman have known each other for years.

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