Dead fish in Germany. Previously, there was a failure at the soda factory

Anglers have found hundreds of dead fish in the Saale River near Bernburg in Saxony-Anhalt. The fishing union of Saxony-Anhalt has filed a complaint with the prosecutor’s office against unknown persons, the union spokesman said on Monday.

According to reports, on Friday morning fishermen initially discovered several dead fish in the Saale below the Bernburg weir. Over the weekend, the local fishermen’s association recovered around 300 deaths. The number of dead fish is estimated at 3,000.

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The Saale is a large river, “the fishermen first got as many fish out of it as they could,” said the spokesman. Accordingly, the relationship implies that even more dead fish have floated down the river. The sizes, however, are not comparable to the mass dying of fish in the Odra River on the Polish-German border. He believes the relationship is unlikely.

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