Dawid Ogrodnik experienced a nightmare. The priest’s hand “returned to the crotch area”

On September 20, the premiere of the movie “Johnny” took place. He has just played one of the main characters, Father Jan Kaczkowski David the Gardenerwhich appeared in the podcast u Kuba Wojewódzki and Piotr Kędzierski. He chose to talk about sexual harassment by a priest from years ago.

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“Johnny” – teaser. Dawid Ogrodnik as priest Jan Kaczkowski

Dawid Ogrodnik has had a nightmare

For several years now in Poland, the problem of sexual abuse of children by priests has been increasingly discussed. The church clearly cannot deal with this problem, indeed, some clergymen were covered by their superiors. Now it turns out that one of the people who have experienced this type of trauma belongs to it David the Gardener.

This priest is no longer a priest, because I received such a call from the curia. My suspicions about his person and some ethical conflict, whether I should give his name on the first occasion, unfortunately, turned out to be correct, because he had already left the Church. He did much more harm, so now I got a call because materials and evidence are being collected, because he is already in a civil lawsuit – he announced.

He then described in detail what he had experienced as a little boy.

This priest just put his hand on me, I took that hand off because I thought… At first, I had a lot of confidence in him. We’ve known each other for a couple of years and I never thought that something like this could happen, so the first thing I thought that night was that his hand just fell off like that. In a moment she returned to the crotch area. I was petrified – he recalls.

Actor he addedthat, although many years have passed since this event, unfortunately he remembers it perfectly.

All I remember is the rapid heartbeat and the sweat on my forehead. I remember that smell. The structure of the wall. A break between the bed. Smell of a duvet. Everything was remembered. I dreamed then of disappearing. This is the first you remember. And the second, I wanted to assemble myself into this wall – ended this thread.

All these events caused Dawid Ogrodnik to lose his trust in the Catholic Church. Although he still believes in God, today he is active only in the North Christian Association in Warsaw’s Praga district.

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