Dariusz Michalczewski reveals the amounts. This is the most he earned from fighting!

Dariusz Michalczewski does not complain about boredom and spends his time actively. The former boxer plays tennis, but also goes to the gym. The athlete spends his free time learning English, and he is most pleased with the fact that he does not have to worry about financial issues and it is a great psychological comfort for him.

– It was the last fight with Fabric Tiozzo, I got five million euros for it. In turn, my last salary in marks was my second fight with Graciano Rocchigiani in 2000, then I got four million – confessed Dariusz Michalczewski in an interview with “Super Express”.

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The Pole admitted that thanks to investments and creating his own brand, he does not have to worry about money. Michalczewski also confessed that some time ago he was offered a fight with Roy Jenson Junior, but the organizers did not agree to his financial conditions. Michalczewski asked for EUR 10 million.

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