“Dancing with the Stars”. Agnieszka Kaczorowska evaluates couples. “A bit boring”

The fourth episode of the 13th edition is behind us “Dancing with the Stars”. Agnieszka Litwin, who danced alongside Dominik Rudnicki-Sipajło, dropped out of the program. She watched the struggles of the stars on the dance floor closely Agnieszka Kaczorowska. The dancer shared her observations with Instagram users.

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“Dancing with the Stars”. Kaczorowska believes that the jury does not appreciate Karolina Pisarek. “There is no openness of head and heart”

Kaczorowska she did not hide her enthusiasm for the performance of samba Agnieszka Litwin. The “Klan” star admitted that it is a dance created for the satirist. Unfortunately, she had to say goodbye to the program. The waltz performed by it also definitely caught it Wiesław Nowobilski and Janji Lesar. Karolina Pisarek she is, in Kaczorowska’s opinion, an underestimated participant. The blame for low marks she Maciej Pela is burdened with distant judges.

This is my observation from the editions in which I danced, that often those young, beautiful, doing great in their industries, yet self-confident, in the first or second episode they are pigeonholed and there is no such openness of mind and heart to it that they can dance really well. They can put a lot of work into it and give it their best. Pity.

“Dancing with the Stars”. Kaczorowska on Jamala’s dance. “A bit boring”

The series Bożenka was disappointed with the performance Jacek Jelonek. According to the choreographer, in comparison with his excellent partner, Michael Danilczuk, there were many shortcomings. She also confessed that in a same-sex couple it is difficult to build history, relationships and bonds on stage. Visibly bored, Kaczorowska also gently criticized the dance Jamali.

There was a lot of dancing there, and maybe because of that, and maybe because of the performance, it was a bit boring for me personally. More could happen there.

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