Damaged Nord Stream gas pipelines, Norway’s security. Great Britain, Germany and France are offering help

Norway will receive aid from the United Kingdom, Germany and France to improve safety at sea after the damage to the Nord Stream gas pipeline, Norwegian government chief Jonas Gahr Store said on Friday. “It’s only natural for our allies to accompany us,” said Stoer.

Norwaywhich is currently the largest gas supplier to Europe and the world’s leading supplier of oil, has more than 90 oil and gas fields, most of which are connected to a pipeline network of some 9,000 kilometers.

– We are in dialogue with our allies on increasing our presence in the Norwegian sector and we agreed to help GermanFrance and Great Britain – said Jonas Gahr Store during Friday’s press conference.

Norwegian oil rigHAKON MOSVOLD / EPA / PAP

No threat to Norwegian infrastructure

Norway is also deploying its own navy and air force to strengthen oil and gas security, following suspicions that four leaks in Russian pipelines they are the result of sabotage, and the crisis has sparked a race to protect infrastructure and energy supplies.

“It’s only natural for our allies to accompany us,” said Stoer. He reiterated that Norway had no signs of an imminent threat to the country or Norwegian infrastructure.

PAP / Maciej Zieliński

Pipeline leaks

A gas leak was discovered on Monday from two Nord Stream gas pipelines in the Baltic Sea. The leaks occurred in one place in the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline southeast of Bornholm and at two locations on Nord Stream 1 northeast of Bornholm.

The Swedish National Seismological Network (SNSN) measuring station recorded two severe underwater explosions in areas where leaks were found on Monday. The Swedish coastguard reported another spill on Thursday.

Main photo source: HAKON MOSVOLD / EPA / PAP

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