Czarzasty: We will create a list or lists that will guarantee a win against PiS

“We agree on the Senate pact. We will go to the elections together to win against PiS. We will create such a list, or such lists that will guarantee us a win. Some politicians and sociologists believe that one list is the best solution, others that two lists are the best. The time will come for a decision. When? We have to decide on this by the end of the year. As for the Left, we will support the variant that will give the greatest chance to win with PiS, ”said Włodzimierz Czarzasty, deputy speaker of the Sejm and co-chairman of the New Left, in an interview in Poranna in RMF FM.

And who can become prime minister in the new government? The prime minister will be chosen by the coalition and I have always believed that the leader of the largest opposition party should be the prime minister of the new government. It is logical, pro-state and responsible the politician pointed out.

Each entity has the right to make decisions. We will go along with the Left party with the party Together and this block, if necessary, will support and come into agreement with other parties – said the guest of Robert Mazurek.

The Deputy Speaker of the Sejm also referred to the Confederation. What Mr Korwin-Mikke and Mr Braun are saying shows that they are not in opposition. They are very close to Russia. I am deliberating and I hear what Mr. Korwin-Mikke says and what Mr. Braun says – it is disgusting. I believe that the Confederation would like to co-rule with PiS Czarzasty pointed out.

He added that he could not imagine joint government with these two politicians. “The divergence of views, views on Poland and the world is large against the background that it cannot be buried with any spade. There is no such spade in the world” – said the leader of the New Left.

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