Cyclone Ian hits America. “Prepare for the worst”

  • The very dangerous Hurricane Ian will hit the coast of Florida in the middle of the week. Although the forecasts are still ambiguous, there is more and more evidence that the formation will be particularly hard in the west of the state
  • Long-lasting, heavy rainfall, locally exceeding 500 mm, destructive winds exceeding 200 km per hour, high storm waves and tornadoes are expected
  • U.S. President Joe Biden has declared a state of emergency in Florida, and residents have been urged to stockpile food and medicine and prepare for the worst
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Ian still on Sunday was not too dangerous tropical low. Currently, its systematic intensification is already observed. Probably today it will transform into hurricane, after which it will hit western Cuba, bringing heavy rainfall over 100 mm, very strong winds exceeding 120 km / h. and storm waves even over 3-4 m high. It is possible that after the devastation of Cuba, when the hurricane is ahead of Florida, it will reach Category 3 on a five-point scale. Some forecasts, however, assume that the formation will be even stronger.

Ian will take his toll in Florida from Wednesday through Friday, according to forecasts. While the forecasts are not yet clear on the exact path of the storm, authorities are already calling on residents to prepare for the worst. Expect devastating storm waves, torrential rainfall, hurricane winds and even isolated whirlwinds. As reported by CNN, citizens were asked to bring supplies of water, food and medicines, and to have documents with them and to learn about possible evacuation routes.

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The mayor of the city of Naples in west Florida said there was currently “lull before the storm”. Sandbags are distributed in the state. Many cities are also developing evacuation plans, and the president USA Joe Biden has declared a state of emergency in Florida. Federal aid was also ordered to help protect against the elements. There were also appeals not to disregard the threat despite the uncertain forecasts. The state governor of Georgia Brian Kemp also spoke about the seriousness of the situation, where the weakened Ian may occur after the devastation of Florida. He called on to monitor the storm and take the necessary precautions to protect the population.

Though to hit Ian in Florida there is little time left, it is still unclear what route the structure will take. However, more and more indicate that the inhabitants of the western part of the state will face a particularly extreme situation, including Tampa region, a city of approx. 400 thousand. residents. Forecasts show that wind gusts in a large area will reach 100-140 km per hour, and on the coast of Florida they can even exceed 200 km per hour, which is an extreme value.

Hurricane wind gusts will exceed 200 km per hour.Hurricane wind gusts will exceed 200 km per hour. –

In addition, extremely strong and many hours of rainfall are expected, the total of which will exceed 200-300 mm, but locally it cannot be ruled out that the rainfall will fall over 500 mm, which is as much as the average rainfall in Poland during the year. There is a good chance that the biggest blow of the storm will miss the huge city complex of Miami, which is inhabited by over 6 million people on a daily basis.

Several hundred mm of rain will fallSeveral hundred mm of rain will fall –

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