Customers cheat at self-service checkouts

Customers cheat at self-service checkouts

Customers cheat at self-service checkouts

Recently, in the Dzierżoniów district, there have been several notifications of fraud committed in commercial establishments equipped with self-service cash registers. Wanting to save a few zlotys may result in criminal proceedings.

In the past weeks, the police units of the Dzierżoniów district have received several notifications of fraud in commercial establishments. Store representatives reported that most often at self-service checkouts, people mark goods with a lower value than the one they actually weigh. It also happens that customers weigh the goods, obtaining a printout with a bar code, a specific weight and price, and then add a few more pieces of the product to the bag. This type of behavior meets the criteria of a crime specified in Article 286 of the Penal Code, which says:

Article 286 [Oszustwo]

§ 1. Who, in order to achieve financial gain, leads another person to an unfavorable disposal of their own or someone else’s property by misleading her or exploiting an error or inability to properly understand the action taken, shall be punishable by imprisonment from 6 months to 8 years.

§ 2. The same penalty shall be imposed on anyone who requests a financial benefit in exchange for the return of unlawfully taken things.

§ 3. In the case of a minor, the perpetrator is subject fine, shall be punishable by restriction of liberty or imprisonment up to 2 years.

§ 4. If the act specified in § 1-3 was committed to the detriment of the person closest to you, the prosecution is at the request of the injured party.

In addition to the sanctions specified in the Penal Code, we also become a punished person, which may result in the inability to perform certain professions.

You should consider whether the risk associated with the possibility of saving a few zlotys is worth it?

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