Cristiano Ronaldo going to trial? The boy’s mother does not let go!

Cristiano Ronaldo after the aforementioned losing game by the Red Devils, he was not in the best mood, and the boy’s behavior upset him so much that he knocked the phone off the teenager’s hands. Moments later it turned out that Jacob Harding suffers from autism, and his mother tells in the press that the child has bruises on her arms after the Portuguese man’s “attack”.

The child’s mother was so outraged by what happened after the match that she gave several interviews to the foreign press. Sarah Kelly did not hide her indignation. “Ronaldo just walked by, with a horrible, horrible temperament, he knocked the phone off my son’s hand and walked on. The bruise shows that he made contact. I just can’t believe I’m talking about it”, the boy’s mother said in an interview with “The Liverpool Echo “a few months ago. “He is an autistic boy and was attacked by a footballer, that’s how I see it as a mom “ Kelly added, noting that the 14-year-old son’s phone was completely destroyed.

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After what happened, both Manchester United and the police investigated the case and a Cristiano Ronaldo apologized the boy and his mother for his behavior. The woman, however, did not accept the player’s apology, his invitation to the Manchester matchor inviting CR7 to his home to meet his family.

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