Crisis in the Zaporizhia Nuclear Power Plant. Macron has a plan

The conversation took place in the morning and lasted an hour and 20 minutes, informed the Elysée Palace. “President Macron expressed concern about the threat posed by the presence and activities of the Russian armed forces (…) in Ukrainian nuclear installations, and called for the withdrawal of these troops “- the administration informed the president France in a press release. “Macron expressed his support for the proposal of the Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency to send a mission as soon as possible (to the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant), and both presidents discussed the terms of such (the project),” the French authorities said.

Leaders also talked about Fr. Ukrainian exports of cereals“what is essential for world food security” – underlined. The Presidents “welcome the continued implementation of the agreement to authorize (grain) exports by sea from the port of Odessa, as well as the departure on Tuesday of the first UN-chartered humanitarian vessel to transport grain to the African continent. (This part of the world) shows (in this regard) ) special needs “- assessed the Elysee Palace.

“France is also supporting European efforts on the + Solidarity Routes +, (ie) Ukrainian grain exports by land and rivers. These allowed 2.8 million tonnes to be exported in July, and the pace of (these activities) continues to increase,” he added.

Conversation about “nuclear terrorism”

President Zelensky informed earlier on Twitterthat he spoke to the French president about “Russian nuclear terrorism” at the Ukrainian nuclear power plant. Near the facility in the occupied Enerhodaara in the south of the country, occupied by enemy forces at the beginning of March, a series of shells took place in recent weeks. Russian provocations sparked fears of a possible nuclear disaster, which was the subject of the UN Security Council meeting last week.

Katarzyna Stańko from Paris

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