Cracovia issued a statement on Marcos Alvarez

Cracovia issued a statement on Marcos Alvarez

Cracovia issued a statement on Marcos Alvarez

Today’s interview of our journalist Szymon Piórek with Marcos Alvarez caused a lot of buzz on the Internet. In this conversation, the former Cracovia footballer puts “Pasy” in a very bad light and talks about how badly he was treated in this club. – I was treated like garbage emphasized the German footballer. The Krakow club issued a statement regarding this interview.

Cracovia issued a statement on Marcos Alvarez

By the decision of the Football Arbitration Court at the Polish Football Association in Warsaw of October 25, 2022, the application for termination of the contract by Marcos Alvarez was considered ineffective, and thus the player’s failure to appear at the club’s training classes should be considered as a breach of contractual obligations towards Cracovia. In addition, the club twice (1 and 15 April 2022) called on the player to properly perform his duties due to the lack of attendance at training – Cracovia’s statement reads at the beginning.

It is worth noting that the judgments of the Football Arbitration Court at the PZPN in cases involving foreign players are not binding and respected by FIFA. Marcos Alvarez is still a Cracovia player, where he played his last match in November 2021, and since March this year he has not been training with any team, although he has a valid contract with “Pasami” until the end of June next year. Alvarez is tied up. In this interview, he emphasized: I’m blocked. I feel like a prisoner .

Life has shown who is a bad person, and that was Jakub Tabisz. I couldn’t even prove my point in PZPN. That’s why the whole thing ended up in FIFA. It seems to me that I would have no chance of winning this case in PZPN, since Tabisz was a member of the board of the federation and vice-president of Cracovia, and the football court does not meet the basic legal requirements – Alvarez told us.

Marcos Alvarez: Cracovia broke my career. I am a prisoner [wywiad]

– I am blocked by the regulations of the Polish Football Association. I can’t sign for another club without getting into some trouble. I will regain my full freedom only when FIFA decides my case. I haven’t trained with any team since the end of March. Alvarez emphasized.

In the further part of Cracovia’s statement, we read about why Alvarez was moved to the reserve team. – Moving the player to the reserve team was dictated only by sports issues and was the sovereign decision of coach Jacek Zieliński. Marcos Alvarez received guidelines from the coach, which he did not follow, and his attitude in the locker room towards the other players and members of the coaching staff was far from professional.

Alvarez emphasized that Cracovia did everything to get rid of him. – I received a call from Tomek Bałdys who asked me to come to his office. He then showed me an offer from Israel. I looked at her and thought it was a joke. I would earn half of what I earned at Cracovia, and the length of the contract was the same. I said it was nothing personal, but my daughter has changed schools twice in a year, my son is starting his final year before going to college, my second son was recently born and the whole family moved here quite recently, so I cannot move with them again to another country, hundreds of kilometers away, and under much worse conditions. In response, I heard that this is football and the players’ families know that they have to follow them everywhere. I didn’t agree with that, so I said I still have a contract, I’ve only just recovered, I want to fight for the squad, and if I have to leave, it will be on better terms than those that have been shown to me. When I left, I was told that it doesn’t work like that and if I don’t leave, I won’t even get a chance to play because I’ll be sent to the other team and I won’t go to a camp in Turkey.

Alvarez pointed out that Cracovia did everything to make him come to such conclusions that he had to leave the club. Therefore, he could not take advantage of the many privileges he had in the first team. – They told me I couldn’t use the first team facilities. I could no longer go to the sauna, swimming pool or even use the laundry (…) Week after week more things came. After a month, it turned out that I did not receive my first payment either. I haven’t been paid for January. It was mid-February. But I didn’t want to tell anyone about it. I was proud and didn’t tell anyone that I hadn’t received the money. I continued to train as best I could with the other team, although I was not provided with proper medical care. I played on badly prepared pitches. More journalists called me and asked for an interview, but each time I refused. I didn’t even write a word about my situation. I didn’t say a bad word about the club. But that didn’t change anything. In March I did not receive payment for February again.

Cracovia, on the other hand, declares that the transfer of a player from the first team to the reserves is also associated with the loss of privileges, i.e. the use of the gym. – Moving the player to the second team of Cracovia was tantamount to the need to go to the locker room of that team, which is a normal practice. From that moment, Marcos Alvarez began to follow the same rules as the rest of the reserve team players, including access to the gym only in the presence of a trainer. None of the reserve players, including Marcos Alvarez, were forced to wash their uniforms themselves. We regard this allegation as absurd.

Alvarez’s version of events: – Cracovia behaved very badly towards me. I wasn’t shown an ounce of respect. I was treated like garbage. I was denied everything, so in the end, to train in the second team, I had to do everything myself, even wash my club clothes. I hope that with the help of God and the court, the club will be punished for its decisions. I hope that the bad opinion about Cracovia will last for a long time, because in a moment a similar situation may happen to other players. I am currently blocked. I feel like a prisoner. My Christmas and New Year’s wish is to feel free again

– In addition, MKS Cracovia SSA informs that, as part of the proceedings pending before FIFA, it has filed against the player for payment of damages in connection with the player’s failure to fulfill his contractual obligations – concludes the Krakow club.

FIFA is investigating the matter and it will decide in the end who is right in this dispute.


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