Cormac Roth is dead. Tim Roth’s son was only 25 years old

Cormac Roth is dead. Tim Roth’s son was only 25 years old

About death Cormac Roth Variety informed. The family confirmed the tragic news in a special statement.

“He was an electric ball of energy, his spirit was filled with warmth and kindness. A gentle soul that brought so much happiness and hope to the people around him. Sadness comes in waves, as does laughter and tears when we think of our beautiful boy who was 25 years old and 10 months “- we read.

Cormac Rothprivately son Tim Roth an actor known, among others from the films “4 Rooms”, “Reservoir Dogs” and “The Amazing Hulk”, he graduated Bennington College and was a talented guitarist, composer and producer.

He had the EP “Cormac” and the album “Python” released in 2018.

In November 2021, Cormac revealed on Instagram that he had been diagnosed with a rare third stage germ cell tumor.

“He took half my hearing, 27 kilos of weight, my confidence, but I will continue to fight until I find out how to kill him in me,” he wrote.

“It hasn’t taken away my will to survive or my love of making music. It hasn’t knocked me out yet,” he commented and encouraged everyone to do regular research. “Love everyone and make sure you do what you love,” he added.

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