Cormac Roth, 25, died of germ cell cancer. This tumor gives such symptoms

Cormac Roth, 25, died of germ cell cancer. This tumor gives such symptoms

Tim Roth faces a huge loss. The famous Hollywood actor had to bury his son, who was battling with cancer. Cormac Roth passed away when he was only 25 years old.

1. Tim Roth’s son is dead

On Monday, October 31, sad information appeared in the media. Cormac Roth died at the age of 25. Admittedly son of the outstanding actor Tim Roth He passed away on October 16, but the news of his death only saw the light of day at the end of the month.

A year ago, doctors diagnosed him germ cell tumor. Cormac fought bravely for his health and life, but unfortunately he was not helped by chemotherapy, transplants, surgeries, transfusions or the medications he was taking.

When he found out about his health problems, the disease was in the third stage of advancement. On the news site “Variety”, the statement of the deceased 25-year-old’s relatives was published. The family said goodbye to him with heartwarming words.

”He was a ball of energy and his spirit was full of light and goodness. He was also the embodiment of courtesy. A delicate soul who brought so much happiness and hope to those around him. Sadness comes in waves, as does tears and laughter when we think of this beautiful boy who has been with us for 25 years. An indomitable, joyful, crazy and wonderful child. Only recently a man. We love him. He will stay with us forever, ”wrote Cormac Roth’s relatives.

2. Who was Cormac Roth?

Cormac Roth was the son of an actor famous for such films as “Reservoir Dogs”, “Pulp Fiction” and “Four Rooms”. In addition, he played guitar, composed his own music and was a producer. Four years ago he released an album called “Python”.

3. Embryonic tumors

Germ cell tumors (GCT) are in other words germline tumors. They occur in both women and men. Is it a rare group of neoplasms. Usually they are benign, but sometimes they are extremely malignant. This group of tumors arise from germ cells that eventually differentiate into cells that make up various organs, including sex cells. Most often, cancer affects the ovaries and testes, but also the central nervous system.

Embryonic cancers include: germ cell tumor, yolk sac tumor, chorionic epithelioma, teratomas.

The symptoms of germ cell cancer vary widely, but they often “tie” people home. These are:

  • digestive and urinary system ailments,
  • abdominal pain and enlargement
  • flatulence
  • bleeding from the genital tract,
  • pain in the lumbar region,
  • stomach pain,
  • enlargement of the lymph nodes,
  • cough,
  • hemoptysis,
  • dyspnoea.

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