Copying text from photos. Samsung started, Apple improved, and Samsung took advantage

Everyone benefits from this evolution of smartphone functions.

A few years ago – around 2017 – Samsung smartphones got the function of copying text directly from photos. Just display a photo in the gallery and click the Bixby Vision icon in the upper right corner, and all subtitles become copyable.

In the year 2021, Apple implemented a similar feature in the system iOS 15but came up with the idea of ​​simplifying the whole process. To select text on the iPhone, just display the photo and hold your finger on some inscription.

In the new Samsung smartphones, copying text from photos works like on iPhones

I am testing the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4, which has the latest version of the overlay marked One UI 4.1.1. The smartphone also got a new gallery with more convenient text copying.

Now it is enough – as on iPhones – to hold your finger on the text.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4
Photo source: © Licensor

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4

Samsung has the advantage that its mechanism can handle subtitles in Polish. In the case of iPhones, activating this function on the Vistula River requires combining, and it does not recognize our diacritical marks anyway.

In other words – the copy text feature has gone from Samsung smartphones to iPhones and back again, and it keeps getting better every step of the way. I understand this evolution.

For now, this solution does not work on smartphones other than Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Z Flip 4, but it will certainly also hit older smartphones with the update of the overlay. It is possible, however, that users of earlier Samsung will have to wait for One UI 5.

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