Cool tracksuits for fall have appeared at Pepco. Similar in Reserved and Sinsay

Tracksuit we associate it primarily with a home outfit. Popular fashion pants and instagram shorts prove that the tracksuit can also accompany us when going for a walk or shopping. In urban stylizations, there are especially single-color, sweatshirt sets. The styling with a tracksuit in the lead role can be completed, like Jessica Mercedes Kirschner, with a long coat. It will also work great in combination with a down vest or a quilted jacket. If you value comfort, but also like to look fashionable, this Pepco tracksuit is perfect for you. You can also find stylish tracksuits at Sinsay and Reserved.

Fashionable Pepco tracksuit. Perfect for an autumn walk

In Pepco’s offer you will find a fashionable tracksuit in an unusual edition. The brown set consists of a hooded sweatshirt and trousers with a wide leg. Pants decorated with stitching look really fashionable and modern. You will pay PLN 60 for them, the sweatshirt is the same I appreciate. Pepco’s offer also includes sweatpants in other colors – pink and blue. However, this brown model seems to be an ideal proposition for autumn. In combination with a beige down vest, it will look very stylish.

Brown Pepco tracksuit Photo Pepco

Tracksuit not only at home. Sweatpants from Reserved

You can find a large selection of sweatpants at Reserved. The chain store offers models of various styles and colors. There are both sweat suits perfect for exercise and going out to the city. This model with a decorative seam will work well during autumn walks. Pants are available in several colors, incl. pink, beige and black. All you need to do is combine them with a sweatshirt in the same shade and a long, classic trench coat.

SweatpantsSweatpants Photo Reserved

Sweat suits. In a sporty style

If you are looking for a tracksuit set in a sporty style, check out Sinsay. The chain store offers classic sweatpants with an elastic waistband and cuffs at the bottom for only PLN 29.99. Pants are available in many fashionable colors. You can easily match them with a sweatshirt in the same shade. You can supplement such a sporty outfit with a light down jacket.

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