Companies more and more often earn not for themselves, but for the state

According to the daily, nearly 18,000 the largest companies in Poland in their financial statements for 2021 showed PLN 2.1 trillion in revenue, with a net profit of PLN 156.8 billion, on which they paid PLN 38 billion in income tax. The newspaper cites an analysis of the Dun & Bradstreet intelligence agency.

– Paid tax is 1.8 percent. their total income. Compared to the past years, it can be seen a significant increase not only in revenue and profit, but also in the share of tax in the company’s revenues – Tomasz Starzyk, spokesman for the company, comments in Rzeczpospolita.

“The analysis shows that the top ten income tax payers in 2021 paid over PLN 10.2 billion in tax, which is nearly 27 percent of the total amount of CIT paid” – Rzeczpospolita reads.

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