Commuter. A tool that will save you a lot

The Public Transport Authority presented the Commuter – an interactive tool that will help us determine the costs of commuting to work by car. Thanks to it, we will also compare what is more profitable for us – using a car or using Warsaw Public Transport.

The tool is available on the website After clicking on the link provided, the website appears, thanks to which we can calculate the costs of commuting to work by car. To do this, we need to enter some important information, including: fuel consumption of our car (l / 100 km), the length of the route to work and back (in km), the cost of parking under our work (PLN / working day) and the current fuel cost.

A commuter will help you save

After giving everyone, required data our eyes will see detailed calculations. We will learn the daily and monthly travel costs to the place of employment (assuming 20 working days per month). We will be able to compare them with the monthly costs of using Warsaw Public Transport (including P&R car parks). In addition, we will gain knowledge on how much we will save per month when we give up the car and start commuting to work by public transport.

Interactive online tool for calculating travel costs
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Interactive online tool for calculating travel costs

The simple one online calculator is an interesting tool that can help people interested in saving. For now, this is an offer addressed to the residents of Warsaw, but it is possible that other, larger cities will also create similar solutions. It is worth remembering that giving up a car is not only lower expenses, but also a chance to avoid traffic jams and relieve the environment. Cars generate exhaust fumes, including harmful nitrogen monoxide, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide.

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