Coal is back in favor. The vice president of Bank Pekao announces a return in financing

Vice-president of Pekao emphasized that he hoped that the institution would soon be able to finance projects related to coal trade.

– Today is the meeting of the bank’s supervisory board, which I hope will approve the changes in our lending policy. Pekao will be the first in Poland to remove the ban on financing coal trade. For us, financing the coal trade is the most pressing problem for the coming winter – said Paweł Strączyński, vice-president of Bank Pekao, at the Polish Heating Forum in Międzyzdroje.

This, according to Bank Pekao’s representative, should not end there. The vice-president expressed his hope that the debate on the approval of coal as a transitional fuel in the Polish energy transformation will be launched. – I hope that in the course of this discussion, coal will be allowed and a regulatory path will open for financing the maintenance of coal assets until their extinction – said Strączyński.

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The current government plan provides for the separation of coal assets from energy groups and their acquisition by National Energy Security Agency (NABE).— Pekao wants to be the bank of first choice in financing energy transformation – not only in terms of zero-emission sources, but also those sources of electricity and heating that are present today – added the vice president.

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