Club announcement regarding the organization of home matches

Club announcement regarding the organization of home matches

We present current information on the organization of home matches of Wisła Kraków with the participation of fans.

Last week, representatives of the club held a series of meetings with the relevant services and the Sports Infrastructure Board, which were aimed at developing an optimal scheme for playing matches with the participation of the audience. After receiving all the necessary expertise resulting from the current limitation of the available stadium infrastructure, on Tuesday, January 31, the Club submitted the relevant documents to obtain positive opinions required to organize a mass event.

Modernization of the Municipal Stadium. Henryk Reyman forced the club to change the current formula of organizing home matches. Wisła Kraków makes every effort to be able to play matches with the participation of as many fans as possible, who are of great value to the club, being a huge support for the team, which is why it applied for access to the northern stand (sectors C1-C5) and the lower floor of the eastern stand (sectors E11-E16).

Due to the availability of two stands, the club was forced to change the seats for some season ticket holders. People with subscriptions to sectors C1, C2, C3, C4, C5 and E11, E12, E13, E14, E15, E16 will remain in their current places. In turn, other fans who have purchased season tickets for the sectors excluded from use will be able to choose a seat in the C or E stand.

The seat change process will be done in rounds to ensure that the best seat is selected for season pass holders. We will inform you about the start of the process in a separate message.

After its completion, ticket sales will be launched, which will cover only the northern stand (sectors C1-C5), as stand E will be intended only for season ticket holders.

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