Closed border for Russians. “Traffic is dropping drastically”

The head of the Lithuanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Gabrielius Landsbergis, said that after the Baltic states and Poland closed the border for Russians, “traffic was drastically dropping”. During the first week of visa restrictions, the Baltic states did not allow 356 Russians.

Landsbergis, in an interview with journalists, pointed out that after restricting Russian citizens from entering Europe by land, There is a limited possibility of getting there by air, for example via Istanbul.

The resources of both airlines and airports are very limited. Airports have daily tourist traffic, established business traffic Landsbergis said.

During the first week of stricter visa issuance procedures in the Baltic states, 153 people were refused entry to Lithuania, 48 to Latvia and 155 to Estonia, Lithuanian border authorities reported on Monday. They reported that several incidents have been reported when detained Russian citizens refused to return to their country.

For a week, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia have been restricting entry to their territory to citizens of Russia who have Schengen visas.

The restrictions also apply to Russians fleeing mobilization to war with Ukraine. The authorities explain the decision of, inter alia, fear for national security.

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