Close to changes at Manchester United! Advanced talks on the sale of the club’s shares are underway

Changes in the ownership structure of Manchester United are underway. The Glazer family, which runs the club, intends to sell a minority stake.

Manchester United’s current owners are not held in high regard by supporters who regularly criticize against their rule. The Glazers are blamed for the club’s slow decline or the deteriorating condition of Old Trafford. Another manifestation is expected with the match against Liverpool on Monday.

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The media more and more often inform that the Americans are thinking about selling the club. British billionaire Jim Ratcliffe has already expressed interest in his takeover through his spokesman. We wrote about it HERE.

However, it is closer to a smaller transaction. The Glazers are in exclusive talks on the sale of a minority stake in Manchester United with the American company Apollo.

The Daily Mail says the family doesn’t want to pull out of the club entirely. Brothers Avram and Joel, who will continue to oversee the day-to-day running of the soccer company, are to retain their shares.

Talks with Apollo are at an advanced stage. The sale of the shares may even take place next month.

Manchester United started the new season terribly – they lost in a weak style by two games. Even before the closing of the transfer window, he wants to recruit five new players. We give their names HERE.

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