Climate activists talked to Andrzej Duda. Here’s what they heard

Climate activists talked to Andrzej Duda. Here’s what they heard

The COP27 climate summit in Sharm el-Sheikh began on November 7.

– We haven’t talked about it yet, but yesterday the first confrontation with President Andrzej Duda took place. We have a recording. The president, despite years of running away from us, from talking to us, yesterday simply couldn’t get away and we started talking to him. The conversation was difficult. At the end, we found out from the president that he dreams of snow in the mountains and warm in the lowlands, so it seems that we have a certain agreement that we probably both don’t want the climate crisis. We miss each other in solutions and what needs to be done, but the confrontation has finally taken place, the activists revealed.

“The president was not satisfied”

After the confrontation with the president, do they believe he will do something positive about the climate? – We will see. We have to pay attention to him very much. This is his last term in office. He has a chance to reverse his hitherto climatic offenses. The current energy crisis, the war in Ukraine … – there is no better time to finally say “stop” to the fossil fuel economy and accelerate the transformation. So far, the president has not been satisfied with our conversation – indicated the activists.

They also pointed out that the Minister of Climate, Anna Moscow, was not present at the Sharm el-Sheikh summit. Once again she ignored the fact that she had to be here. This very well defines the attitude of the Polish government to the crisis we are in, summed up the activists.

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