Class action lawsuit against Oracle. The company was to track 5 billion people on the Internet

In the US, a class action was filed against Oracle, which was to track the Internet activity of 5 billion people and earn as much as $ 42.4 billion on it. According to the respondents, the data even includes activities such as spending 10 euros in an online casino.

A lawsuit in the US District Court for the Northern District of California was filed by Irish Civil Liberties Council (ICCL) representative Dr. Johnny Ryan, Michael Katz-Lacabe and Dr. Jennifer Golbeck, “acting on behalf of internet users worldwide who have been victims of privacy violations by Oracle “.

It is important that virtually every website uses some part of Oracle solutions, because this company stands, inter alia, for the most popular programming language or Java.

Oracle has violated the privacy of billions of people around the world. It’s a Fortune 500 company whose dangerous mission is to track where every person in the world is headed and what they do. We are taking this action to stop the Oracle Surveillance Machine

Senior Representative of the Irish Civil Liberties Council (ICCL)

The lawsuit is 66 pages long and describes purported Oracle tracking practices. The company is also expected to trade the acquired data via the platform Oracle Data Marketplace. According to the claimant, the sample files include: names, home addresses, e-mails, information about purchases and physical location, income, interests, political views and description of activities in the virtual world. The example is the case of a German who spends € 10 in an online casino.

The claimants accuse Oracle of violating the Federal Electronic Communications Privacy Act, the California Constitution, the California Privacy Breach Act, competition law and common law.

Przemysław Juraszek, journalist of

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