Christopher Nkunku is gearing up for a hit summer transfer. The first medical tests are already behind him ?!

Christopher Nkunku underwent medical tests commissioned by Chelsea in August in order to start the process of its acquisition in the summer of 2023, “Bild” argues.

The eight-time French international has had a splendid season at RB Leipzig with 35 hits and 20 assists, which naturally made a large number of top European clubs show serious interest in him during the summer transfer window.

The representatives of “Red Bulls” managed to counter their attempts by concluding a new agreement with the player, valid until June 30, 2026 and guaranteeing him a significant pay raise.

Both sides are well aware that the concluded contract will not be fulfilled and will end with Christopher Nkunku leaving the club, most likely after the end of the ongoing games.

Journalists of “Bilda” indicate such a development of events and even believe that the 24-year-old player has already chosen the direction of continuing his career and will move to Chelsea next summer.

This is evidenced by the fact that “The Blues” commissioned the French to pass medical tests in August. These turned out to be successful and are now a kind of security for the future interest of the London club.

The team from Stamford Bridge probably took care of all the details when reaching an agreement with RB Leipzig to sell them Timo Werner for 20 million euros in the past weeks.

The future transaction with the participation of Nkunk will cost, regardless of the final choice of the team, EUR 60 million, because this is the amount of the remission clause, which will come into force next summer.

The striker started this season with six hits and assists in eleven appearances.

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