Chinese Maglev. It will be the fastest train in the world

Chinese Maglev.  It will be the fastest train in the world

Chinese Maglev. It will be the fastest train in the world

The Chinese are working on a magnetic train that will be the fastest ground vehicle in the world. Currently, in the testing phase, it develops a speed of about 600 km/h, but ultimately it is to reach 700 km/h.

Maglev HTS, because we are talking about it, has so far been produced in a prototype version. The first presentation of the 21 m long vehicle took place last year. in the Chinese city of Chengdu. The train then covered a distance of 200 m.

The fastest train in the world

The Chinese predict that the train will be put into service within three years. Achieving enormous speeds by it is possible thanks to the use of Maglev technology, which has been developed for 20 years. It makes the train not move on the rails, but hovers above them, thanks to the phenomenon of magnetic levitation. Field electromagnetic eliminates friction between the vehicle and the rail, hence the Chinese vehicle is able to break speed records.

According to the assumption, Maglev HTS would run between Beijing and Shanghai. Overcoming this 1000 km route would take him 2.5 hours. For example, it currently takes three hours to cover this distance by plane.

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It is worth mentioning that technology Maglev Japan and Germany were also interested, but the high costs associated with its implementation and the need to build completely new railway tracks meant that investments have not yet been made.

Meanwhile, the Chinese from time to time release materials promoting the vehicle they are developing. In the video below, we can see what Maglev HTC looks like inside.

Attention is drawn to both the vehicle’s control panels and the zone prepared for travelers. As Klaudia Stawska wrote, the Chinese company China Railway Rolling Stock Corporation made sure that travel by magnetic train met high standards and was not only fast, but also comfortable and safe.

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