China has been importing the most oil from Russia for the past three months. Here’s how much the discount is

Chinese independent refineries increased imports of overpriced crude oil from Russia, at the same time limiting the purchase of this raw material from competing suppliers such as Angola or Brazil. Imports from these countries fell by 27 and 58 percent respectively, year on year.

Bloomberg’s agency reported in July that Russian oil is offered in China at prices by 10 percent. lower than similar grade raw material from Brazil. The rebate is related to the sanctions imposed by Western countries on Russia for its invasion of Ukraine.

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In July, China imported from Russia almost 7.15 million tons of crude oil, by 7.6 percent. more than in July last year. The figure includes the raw material transported via the East Siberia-Pacific oil pipeline and transported by sea from ports in the European and Far Eastern part of Russia.

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