China confirms deal with the Vatican. Franciszek explained earlier: “such is diplomacy” | World news

China confirms deal with the Vatican. Franciszek explained earlier: “such is diplomacy” | World news

China does not officially maintain diplomatic relations with the Holy See, although in recent years efforts have been made to achieve rapprochement. It is not easy, as Christians in China are still subjected to persecution if they do not want to submit to the authorities there.

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China on an agreement with the Vatican. “Agreement extended”

At the end of September 2018, representatives of the Vatican and China Republic People’s Republic of China concluded an agreement on the ordination of Catholic bishops in China (the full text of the document has never been made public, so far only six bishops have been appointed). Under the agreement, the decision to grant consent rests with the Pope, although candidates for bishops are selected by the Chinese patriotic church with the consent of the communist authorities. Previously, there were occasions when bishops were ordained in China without the consent of the Pope. “The agreement is concluded for two years and has now been extended for the second time,” the Chinese said Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

This year, the Vatican solicited a meeting between Pope Francis and Xi Jinping, President of the People’s Republic of China, while both were on the same day in the capital of Kazakhstan. However, the meeting did not take place. The Vatican maintains an apostolic nunciature in Taiwan, which prevents the normalization of diplomatic relations with Beijing. In China, however, Christians of churches that are not subordinate to the authorities are subjected to repression, and in many places people are being removed from the public space. crosses.

From the beginning of Xi Jinping’s presidency, the Chinese authorities tightened their control over all religious assemblies, even those operating legally under Chinese law. Christians from underground churches who do not want to accept the supremacy of the communist authorities are subjected to repression.

Pope Francis said in July this year that he hoped the Vatican’s agreement with Beijing would be renewed in October. – The talks are going well and I hope that the agreement will be renewed in October – he declared. The Pope also responded to criticism of the Vatican-Beijing agreement. – Diplomacy it is. When you are facing an impasse, you have to find a possible, not an ideal way out, he said, quoted by the Reuters Agency.

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