China. Authorities: “zero covid” policy will be maintained

China. Authorities: “zero covid” policy will be maintained

China’s state health commission has announced that its “zero covid” policy will be maintained. Contrary to speculation emerging in recent days that Beijing may mitigate it soon, China will continue to apply the strategy of “dynamic resetting” of coronavirus outbreaks, including on lockdowns of entire cities and compulsory research.

Most of the world has lifted or significantly loosened the restrictions, but China they still adhere to the “zero covid” policy. In the fight against the virus, entire cities are locked in lockdowns, millions of residents are subjected to forced examinations and quarantines, and when entering public places, “health codes” must be displayed in tracking applications.

Asked if policy would be changed any time soon, health committee representative Hu Xiang said China’s measures were “perfectly appropriate as well as being the most economical and effective.”

China’s “zero covid” policyALEX PLAVEVSKI / EPA / PAP

“We should adhere to the principle of putting people and life first, and our broader strategy to prevent (virus) importation and internal relapses (pandemics),” said Hu, quoted by Reuters.

Financial markets expect easing of restrictions

Last week, the financial markets reacted enthusiastically to speculation about plans for an imminent easing of restrictions, which economic activity and cause social discontent. Moods further improved on Friday when former chief epidemiologist at China’s Zeng Guang Center for Disease Control and Prevention said the authorities would soon introduce significant changes to anti -andemic policy.

Meanwhile, Chinese cities fighting against Covid-19 outbreaks continue to apply restrictions. In Guangzhou in southern China, the Haizhu district, inhabited by about 1.8 million people, was put under lockdown on Saturday for at least three days. In recent days, several hundred new infections have been detected daily in Guangzhou, most of them in Haizhu.

Main photo source: ALEX PLAVEVSKI / EPA / PAP

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