Charles III in the Palace of Westminster. The houses of parliament expressed their condolences, the King of Great Britain addressed the parliament

The new British monarch Charles III and the queen consort Kamil visited the Palace of Westminster, the seat of the British Parliament, in the morning. The House of Commons and the House of Lords expressed their condolences to the King on the death of his mother, Elizabeth II, and he spoke to Parliament for the first time as Head of State. – Parliament is a living, essential instrument of our democracy – he said.

This is one of the celebrations related to the farewell of the deceased Queen Elizabeth II. Lord John Francis McFall of Alcluith gave a speech on behalf of the House of Lords. He said the ruler was both “a leader and a servant of the people.” Later, the Speaker of the House of Commons, Sir Lindsay Hoyle, took the floor.

Condolences to Charles III from the House of LordsReuters

Charles III spoke for the first time to parliament, where several hundred people gathered as head of state. Thanked for the sympathy. – When I stand in front of you here and now, I feel well the importance of the history that surrounds us all and that reminds us of the important parliamentary traditions to which the members of both chambers devote their lives, he said.

He pointed out that “the parliament is a living, essential instrument of our democracy”. – Your traditions are ancient and we see it in the walls of this great hall, in the remains of what our predecessors, who were called to this service, left behind – he said.

Charles III's entire speech to the British Parliament

Charles III’s entire speech to the British ParliamentReuters

“Lords, Members of the House of Commons, we are gathering here today to recall our Queen’s remarkable years of efforts for our people,” added the monarch. – Even in the young years of her remembrance, the Queen committed herself to serving the country and people, to upholding a very important thing – the constitutional government, which is the essence of our country. This vow was kept by her with great dedication, he added. “She was an example of the greatest service that, with God’s help and your advice, I am definitely willing to carry on,” said the King of Great Britain.

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Charles III went to Edinburgh

After the ceremony in London in the company of his wife, the queen consort Kamila, Charles III went by plane to Edinburgh. This is part of the operation code-named “Spring Tide”, i.e. the protocol of the duke’s accession Wales for the British throne. The King plans to travel to all four parts of the United Kingdom.

Charles III landed in Edinburgh

Charles III landed in EdinburghReuters

In the Scottish capital on Monday afternoon, the King and his wife and other members royal family they will follow the coffin of Elizabeth II in a procession. The procession will pass from the Palace of Holyroodhouse to St Giles’ Cathedral, arriving 20 minutes later. At 3 p.m. on Monday, a mass will be celebrated in the temple.

Celebrations at the Palace of Westminster

Celebrations at the Palace of WestminsterReuters

After the Mass, Charles III will return to Holyrood, where he will receive an audience with the First Minister Scotland Nicola Sturgeon, then Speaker of the Scottish Parliament, Alison Johnstone. At 17.40 the King and Queen Consort will pay a visit to the seat of the Scottish Parliament, where MPs will express their condolences.

Then, together with the other members of the royal family, they will again go to the Cathedral of St. Giles, where the vigil over the coffin of Elizabeth II is scheduled for 7.20 pm. The royal couple will stay overnight in Edinburgh.

Main photo source: Reuters

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