Charles III has “sausage” fingers. The British fear for the king, the doctor speaks up

Is King Charles III sick? The media writes about the health of the 73-year-old heir to the British throne. All because of his hands. The red and swollen fingers are unhealthy. Could this be an illness?

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1. “Sausage” fingers of Charles III

After Queen Elizabeth’s death, the network circulated photos of Charles III, which gave rise to speculation about the monarch’s health. It’s about his fingers, already called “sausage” in the media. As reported by the British “Express”, the terms “Prince Charles fingers” or “sausage fingers” have been among the most frequently entered search engines in Great Britain for several days.

In the close-ups circulating on social media, you can see that the king’s fingers are there red and swollen.

The swollen fingers of Charles III are worrying

The swollen fingers of Charles III are worrying (Getty Images)

Could this really mean a serious illness? Doubts are dispelled by Dr. Gareth Nye from the University of Chester in an interview with “The Daily Star”. Your doctor says there are many causes for the swelling on your fingers. One of the reasons for such swelling may be water retention in the body.

In this case, characteristic puffiness appears most often on the feet and ankles, but not only. The effect of water retention can also be swollen hands and fingers. As Dr. Nye points out, this mainly applies to people over 65 years of age.

The doctor explains that the swelling seen in the British monarch could also be a symptom arthritis. The fingers then become stiff, swelling and pain appear. Puffiness can also be side effect of certain medications – warns the doctor.

2. What do we know about the health of Charles III?

Despite symptoms that could indicate a medical condition, Dr. Nye reassures Charles III that he has no serious health problems. He explains that the swelling of the fingers alone is not enough to accurately diagnose any disease, and the cause of the swelling may simply be Karol’s age.

Specialists associated with the palace indicate that the monarch does not complain about his health. An example could be even coronavirus infection. Charles III was ill twice, but each time mildly.

In the past, while still a teenager, he underwent pneumonia as well as appendicitis surgery. Then, as an adult, he suffered several injuries while playing polo, which caused him to quit the sport. He also had a hernia operation. It is also known that the monarch enjoys physical activity, eats well, and gave up smoking many years ago.

Katarzyna Prus, journalist of Wirtualna Polska

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