Charles III has a trusted confidant. The assumption of the throne brought him even closer to Princess Anne

Charles III and Princess Anna were born just 21 months apart. They grew up together sharing cares and passions – the same sense of humor and love for Scotland and rural life. Now national issues will also join their common themes.

As the Daily Mail describes, Princess Anna is the second “mainstay in Charles’ life” after Elizabeth II. Their relationship stood out from the rest of the siblings and was full of mutual understanding, also to their different roles. The ties of Anna and Charles were compared to those of Elizabeth II and her younger sister, Princess Margaret.

Karol, like his mother 70 years ago, is now an inexperienced head of state and a person like Princess Anna is extremely valuable to him. Additionally, they were brought closer to the fact of accompanying Elizabeth II at the time of her death.

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However, the respect that Princess Anna enjoys is not only due to the sympathy of her older brother. The princess is considered the hardest working person of the royal family. Last year, it held 387 official meetings, outperforming Charles III by two. In this ranking, the current heir to the throne, Prince William, still has a lot of catching up to do. It has 235 official visits to its credit.

“It is not yet known whether the king will give Anna a new title, in addition to the Princess Royal – the monarch’s highest honor to female members of the royal family,” speculates the Daily Mail, adding that irrespective of the formalities “its importance to the King will be comparable to that of the Queen and Prince of Wales”.

source: “Daily Mail”

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