Changes in the 500 plus for seniors. Such payments may be made from March 1, 2023.

500 plus for dependent persons is a benefit paid to people who have low retirement pensions, pensions or other benefits. An allowance, called a supplementary benefit for people unable to live independently, is granted to those who need help from others in their everyday life – e.g. in washing, dressing, shopping or cooking. About 767,000 people have already benefited from such a benefit. Government data show that nearly half of the 500+ recipients are seniors aged 75+.

The government changes the 500 plus for dependents. Revolution

Who is 500 plus for? We explain the rules of the program

500 plus is granted to those people whose benefit, together with retirement or disability pension (or other income), does not exceed PLN 1,896.13 gross. At the same time, a benefit in the maximum amount of PLN 500 per hand can be obtained if the retirement pension or disability pension (or other income) does not exceed PLN 1,396.13 gross per month. If they are higher, the 500 plus is reduced on a “zloty for zloty” basis.

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