Changes at stops. For better or for worse?

Changes at stops. For better or for worse?

Boards with timetables at stops in Gdańsk will be refreshed. Passengers will have an impact on their final appearance. Public Transport Authority presented his proposal, but officials are open to comments from residents.

They are to be clearer and more aesthetic, because thousands of passengers use them every day. We are talking about information boards at tram and bus stops.

The Public Transport Authority in Gdańsk announces changes in their appearance.

– The refreshed look of the boards at stops is one of the elements of the new standard of presenting information for passengers prepared by the ZTM in Gdańsk. At the “Jaśkowa Dolina” tram and bus stops, you can already see how we want the boards to look after the changes, representatives of the carrier informed.
Passengers will have an impact on how the information posted at stops will ultimately look like.

The transport organizer asks the passengers. “Do you like it?”

ZTM asks:

  • whether the new plates are more readable than the current ones
  • Do passengers like it?

– We are interested in opinions – ZTM representatives emphasize.
You can send your comments and suggestions to the carrier’s e-mail address: [email protected].

Timetables of buses and trams in the Tri-City


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