Cezary Kulesza pointed to the disappointment of the first year as the president of the Polish Football Association. “It hurts”

Cezary Kulesza has had his first year as president of the Polish Football Association. The 60-year-old revealed what caused him the greatest pain at that time.

Kulesza’s first year of office was very turbulent. During it, for example, there was a change in the coach of the Polish national team or the announcement of a boycott of the match with Russia in the qualifying rounds for the World Cup.

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The Polish team was finally promoted to the World Cup. However, not all the staff operating within the Polish Football Association did so well.

– For example, I was in pain with the U-21 team. We had a really good, creative team full of players playing for good clubs. After all, Kamiński, Kozłowski, Kiwior are players who showed their best in the first team. We didn’t use it – Kulesza said in an interview with the portal “Sport.pl”.

– It hurts the more that at the end of the European Championship qualifying, fate gave us a second chance – Israel’s defeat in Latvia meant that we could still play in the play-offs while winning with Germany. It didn’t work, and it would be a really big event if we went to the adult national team to the world championship, and the youth team played at the European championship. And it was the way for our representation to perform at the Olympics in Paris – the president of the Polish Football Association regrets.

The previous coach, Maciej Stolarczyk, has already left the youth team. He was hired by Michał Prukaj, who will make his debut in a new role in September.

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